I am happy to look back at the history of Vasavi Institutions. I started the Vasavi College of Education in 2005 to broad base the education so as to achieve social justice by eliminating disparities and equalizing educational opportunities for those deprived equality so far.
Dr. K.P. Thyagarajan
Vasavi college of education is situated in the bustling business at villupuram, highway Madagadipet run by vasavi trust.. It holds its own identity in the vicinity of towering heritage landmarks. The institution has dedicated itself to the service of society by educating teachers and preparing professional educators for all levels for almost four decades.
The college is affiliated to the University Pondicherry and recognized by NCTE. We have a long history of excellence and repute and have a solemn commitment to address ourselves vigorously to the needs arising from a dynamic and rapidly changing society by aligning ourselves to the requirement of the new age of teaching, conducting research, disseminating new knowledge and developing application for existing knowledge. We also believe in preparing life-long learners who are able to apply their knowledge in a cross cultural and diverse society.
The mission of the Vasavi College of Education is to perpare outstanding educators,scholars and researches, and to advance the profession of education as broadly and learning the application of clinical process,the effective uses of technology and the analysis and development of leadership and educational policy.
Our vision is, prime education should be the choice of the individual and our task is to take them to the horizons where each student's choice, becomes a reality. A student at Vasavi college means, being part of a committed institution of choices that provides learning excellence.